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NAME Park Jisoo / Jisoo Park
AGE 27
DOB December 4, 1991
BUILD Tall, Lean, Broad Shoulders
HAIR Black Dyed Brown, Blonde, or Pink
EYES Brown
SIGN Sagittarius
BSBA, Sungkyunkwan University; MBA, Yonsei School of Business; MS Strategic Design and Management, Parsons School of Design
Business Management and Entrepeneurship
Financial Management, Investment, Marketing, Business Strategy, Business Communications, Project Management, Planning, Business Development, Problem Solving, Networking
Other Skills
Guitar, Cooking, Espresso Making, Latte Art, Recipe Creation, Basic Baking, Tying Knots, Swimming, Sailing, Lifting Weights, Light Packing, Backpacking
+ Active, fit, no bullshit, passionate, sensible, logical, analytical, intuitive, maternal, loyal, reliable, open-minded, goal-oriented, organized, strategic, visionary, creative, decisive
- Busy, restless, panicky, paranoid, nagger, rebellious, non-traditional, bossy, diva, reckless, brutally honest
His tall frame, broad shoulders, and angelic face makes it hard to believe that he's nothing but a lowly barista. There's a certain solem reverence, an air of unadulterated class, that comes with Jisoo's every move. He dresses simply, oftentimes casually unless the situation calls for some dressing up. He is a jolly guy on a normal basis, but when he's in the "boss" frame of mind he changes completely. He has piericings on each ear, a hair that changes from brown to blonde to pink depending on his overall mood, and a gaze that can melt a tub of ice cream.
LIKES Coffee, good wine, seafood, steak, expensive suits and watches, pink, plain shirts, cardigans, turtlenecks, sweaters, caps, backpacking, architecture, design, minimalism, sugar gliders, dogs, fluffy beds, artistic people, pastries, sweets, ice cream, dad jokes
DISLIKES Cockroaches and rats, disrespectful people, gossip, cheaters, messy environments, slow walkers, unreliable staff, deception, being bossed around, insults, baseless criticisms, boredom
KINKS Oral sex, group sex, food play, stockings, lingerie, roleplay, moaning, wall sex, biting, spanking, handcuffs, edging, orgasm control, bdsm
LIMITS Knismolagnia, forced feeding, impregnation, hair pulling, golden showers, cross-dressing, knife and blood play, sensory deprivation, orgasm denial, exhibitionism
MOTHER Park Sora, CEO of Park Corp.
FATHER Park Chaesoo, Founder (Ex-CEO) of Park Corp.
SIBLINGS Park Suwon, K-pop Idol; Park Kwangsu, Surgeon; Park Kyungsoo, Meteorologist; Hanjae Kim-Park, Interior Designer (half-brother)
SPOUSE Penny Zimmerman (dating)
  • Jisoo grew up in a traditional household. His parents, both business people, have created a fortune out of the tree plantations they inherited in Gwangju and Jeju. He and his little brothers were raised in old money and new connections. As a kid, he was sent to exclusive schools to befriend children of powerful families, like Minjoon from the famous Lee clan. By the time he went to high school, Jisoo has gotten past the pretenses of his family's quest for influence, befriending people because he wanted to and not because his father asked him to. Their wood furniture business grew immensely along with their wealth and power, and so Jisoo was left to his own devices.
  • At least it was the case until he graduated high school. He wanted to study culinary and had a dream of becoming a chef but his father was growing old and the manufacturing business has shaped him to become a more tenacious patriarch. He was asked to focus on the business instead, learning the ropes early on and studying hard to eventually get an MBA. And that's exactly what he did. Despite his occasional run-ins with the authorities (mostly due to reckless experimentation with his friends), Jisoo graduated with honors, got his MBA, and even launched several neighborhood cafes along the way. He's smart, rich, and good-looking but nothing about that made him truly happy.
  • His visit to Australia just after he finished his masters degree changed all that. During his stay, he met several young entrepreneurs, learned about sustainable development and architecture, and even spoke with environmentalists and climate change advocates. Jisoo found new purpose in his chosen field. Now it wasn't just about making money out of good food. His business goals evolved into aiming for micro-level changes to the world through sustainable living and bringing people together. When he got back to Korea, he asked his father and the board members of their company for support and though his motions were initially met with resistance, some of the younger people in the company agreed to fund his little project. His mother did too and his father decided to just let him be.
  • In 2017, Jisoo started transforming his own house (because when you're born rich your parents can definitely gift you a house for graduating with honors), and his three cafes into eco-friendly spaces. He educated his current employees on sustainable development, gave them trainings and bonuses for getting on board with his "new crazy idea". Towards the end of that year, Jisoo moved to New York and studied at Parsons School of Design in order to understand new sustainable business models and strategic design to gain new inspiration for his future projects. He also decided to just focus on blending and marketing the two things he loved most in the world: wood and coffee.
  • While in New York, Jisoo caught wind of his brother Suwon's activities. There had been massive fights about him becoming a trainee at JYP Entertainment to become an idol a few years ago. Lots of discussions which prompted Jisoo to fly back home every once in a while to appease their father and help Suwon get his way. But then Suwon got embroiled in a gay scandal and when Jisoo came home to talk some sense to him, he found out his brother was also in a relationship with a dancer named Joey, had been secretly doing drugs, and was quickly devolving into a depressive mess. He had to step in. Had to force Joey to leave his brother, had to take Suwon to therapies and monitor his condition even while he was in New York. All these while convincing their father not to disown their youngest because of all the shit that went down.
  • After studying for a year on sustainable architecture in New York, Jisoo moved permanently to Korea with his new assistant Penny. Recharged, inspired, and way too enthusiastic for his own good, he returned to kickstart a new cafe that aims to bring like-minded people together.
  • In 2020, Jisoo and his brothers found out that their father was having an affair with an escort named Kris at a sex club called Paridaewang. When Park Sora found out, she decided to divorce him and take over the company. Unbeknownst to them, another Park child was born around the same time Suwon and Kwangsu were born.
    Born to Sora and Chaesoo Park in Seoul, South Korea
    Twins Suwon and Kwangsu were born; Hanjae was born unbeknownst to them
    Entered and graduated from primary school; Met Lee Minjoon
    Entered and graduated secondary school
    Studied business in Sungkyungkwan University
    Got his MBA at Yonsei School of Business; Launched P.S. Cafe
    Launch of Your Neighborhood Chaekjjang and Check-ssang
    Moved to New York and met Penny Zimmerman; Studied MS Strategic Design And Management; Went back to South Korea; Launched Samlimji and Gyeongsang; Launched La Citta De Smeraldo
    Birthday: 12/4/1991 ★ Sign: Saggitarius ★ MBTI: INTP ★ Status: Taken ★ Occupation: CEO, Namukkun Inc. ★ PB: Kim Seokjin HOME

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